December in UK & 3rd CC

     Last shows in UK in December made us more than happy ... what the end of the show year there !!! Our Mr.Synek became UK SHOW CHAMPION !!! What we can wish more - our baby boy in age of 2 years & 4 month.

So from the begining : 

* at Midland GRC (09.12) Synek or better known that time as "Mr. coat is coming back, was 2nd in strong open class

* at LKA (14.12) Synek was again 2nd in strong open class and our judge wrote : Handsome boy, free stood and nicely handled.Very nice head, soft expression and very nice outline. Good depth of chst, nice upper arm, elbows nicely under ribcage. Level topline, short coupled and good tailset with lovely wagging tail.Good strong quaters, moved out beautifully.

* at Joint GRC (15.12) Synek was 1st in strong open class, Best Dog with CC which was his 3-rd crowning one, Best of Breed & Best IN SHOW !!!
   Later our judge Per Iverson wrote : What a super class, all worthy of a CC. This class reminded me of times gone by when the breed was at its strongest. ... Dog of the day, superbly presented and handled. What a lovely mover. Excellent conformation with kind head and eye, lovely neck and front, well ribbed body, firm topline. CC & BOB.




Kielce 2019

     It is nice to show sometimes in Poland :-) Maybe dogs not in their best coats for the moment but it was lovely to meet all friends :-)

  • 23.11 Kielce judges : Mrs. O.Teslenko (labs) & Mr. B.Espeland (goldens)
    Taylor Made da Real Corte aka Martini : 1st in puppy class & Best Puppy !!!
    Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold aka Synek : 2nd in champion class & resCACIB
    Maybe Forever Canto de Amor aka Salsa : 2nd in champion class, resCACIB
    Queen of Legend's of Sunshines Valley aka Szura : 2nd in open class

and 2 daughters of Synek : 
Qdore North Star : 1st in puppy class & Best Puppy
Charming as Hell Milerro : 2nd in puppy class




and Synek's daughters : 

copy_kileceQdore North Star

sparta_kielceCharming As Hell Milerro


GBOS 2019

     We spent lovely weekend in Scotland ... love to back there, such a great places you can find :-) and also we took part in show, unfortunatelly Synek left his formal suit home but still didi great for such young boy :-) and Charlize made us proud again :-)

  • 09.11 Scotland judge : Mr.F.Whyte (goldens) & Mr. F.Gilroy (labs)
    My First Love of Labgold aka Charlize : 1st in open (champion) class
    Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold : 3rd in open (champion) class






Bleiswijk 2019 - WOW

     WOW !!! WHAT A DAY at the first day in Bleiswijk ... I got early present for my birthday from Mr. Synek :-))) second day was not too worse :-)))

  • 02.11 Bleiswijk judge Mr. Hans vd Berg
    Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold aka Mr.Synek : 1st in champion class, Best Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-1 & BIS !!! & new Dutch Champion !!!




  • 03.11 Bleiswijk judge Mr. Morey Armstrong
    Mr. Synek : 1st in champion class, Best Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!




Midlan Counties - 2nd CC for Synek

     What a dream day - to never forget for sure !!! As breeder, owner & coowner I couldn't wish for more :-)

Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold aka Synek :  1st in Open (champion) class, CC , Best of Breed and more Best in Gundog Group 4 (out of 26)



what more ... our girls did also great 

  • Martini aka Taylor Made da Real Corte : 3rd in minior puppy class (out of 19) & Crufts qualification
  • Kimmi aka Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold : RES in Open (champion) class


2 x Tulln 2019

     After our small break we were flying to the ring to win again :-))) How I love my team :-) they are never letting me down no matter of results ... in fact always best dogs are coming back with us home !!!

  • 28.09 Tulln Crufts qual : Mrs. T.Angrell (goldens) & Mrs.M.O'donoghue (labs)
    Mr. Synek : 1st in open, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-4
    Kimmi : 3rd in champion class
  • 29.09 Tulln Bundessieger : Mrs.M.O'donoghue (goldens) & Mrs.Y.Jaussi (labs)
    Mr.Synek : 1st in open, CAC,CACIB,BOB,BOG-3 & Bundessieger'19
    Kimmi : 2nd in champion class, resCAC



HOT NEWS !!!! 
Labrador retriever
  • BEN KENOBI da Real Corte
  • My Brave Hunter of Labgold
  • Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold
  • Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold
  • Rain Forest Ingver

  • Dolbia WHY NOT
  • HINT OF MAGIC Molto Bene
  • My First Love of Labgold
  • Taylor Made da Real Corte
  • Lily Of The Valley of Labgold
  • Lovely Madi of Labgold
  • Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold
Golden retriever
  • GERALT z Zagłebia
  • Altindan XYLOMANCER
  • Cheek to Cheek Glenfarclas
  • KEEP COOL z Doliny Czapelki
  • Lord Nico of Sunshine's Valley
  • Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold

  • Maybe Forever Canto Da Amor
  • Queen of Legends of Sunshine's Valley
  • Cheek To Cheek Octavia