Budapesz 2019

  • 07-08.02 Budapeszt judges : Mr.J.M.Doval (07) & Mr. M.Torres Delicado (08)
    Mr. Synek "Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold" : in intermediate class ex2, resCAC / ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-1 !!!!
    Enzo "Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold" : in champion class ex.4 / ex.2 resCAC



Mr.Synek & Carlitas puppis 6 weeks

    950km done to Normandie and back to see Mr.Synek&Carlita 's babies, their breeder Marie-Alpais del Moral (Cheek to Cheek kennel) & Valerie Delprat (best photographer in the world ) !!!

WOW !!! Love them all to bits !!! Here you can see some funny photos of them :-)








Manchester 2019

     First show of the New Year :-) and I would like to start all years like this :-))) we took only one dog with us and he didn't let us down !!!

  • 19.01 Manchester UK : judge Borge Espeland
    Mr.Synek "Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold" : 1-st in junior class in big, strong competition : 19 entries




Year 2018

     Looking back to 2018 - this year brought us a lot of joy and happines but also sad moments.

End of June I lost my beloved Chester (Altindan Xylomancer) - too young, too quick and his illness didn't give us any chance to win ... and 2 months later Kamila & I lost Pola (Dolbia Why Not), also no chance to win unfait fight with cancer - till we meet again our sweethearts !!!

The most happy parts of Year belonged to our young hope Mr.Synek but also brothers Paco & Enzo showed their best again, maybe not shown often but with great results.

Mr.Synek - my first homebred golden, coowned with Agnieszka (hod.Qdore) - our ONE and only :-))) is special in every way, loving everybody and everything. Love to show him but also he loves it too. Till today (17 months) he is World Junior Winner, Dutch&VDH&DRC&Polish Junior Champion, Belgium&Polish Winner, Amsterdam Winner, several JW,BJ,BOS&BOB winner, having already 7 adult points CAC on his account, CACIB but also collected BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at GRCS of Scotland, BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW at DRC show and what was like a dream BEST IN SHOW all breeds in CACIB show in Germany (in age 11 months). He was also shown in UK with very good results & gaining 7 times Crufts qualification for 2019.

Paco collected 2 important titles : EUROPASIEGER 2018 (in Germany) & Amsterdam Winner (in Holland) - ending both shows with BOB. This year I didnt show him so often, I think in total 5-6 times only. He also produced some lovely offspring - Thank You to all bitch owners who used him and trusted.

Enzo added 2 more CACIBs to his collection also ending both shows with BOB :-) Magda we need just last one :-)))))

To not forget about our girls : Charlize, Szura, Kimmi did some shows and got several CAC's, CACIB's & BOB's....

Than You to all judges who made it possible & Stefaan & all fantastic frinds - you know who you are for this amazing times in 2018 !!!

See You soon ....


Amsterdam Winner 2018 & IDS Lublin 2018

     What an incredible day for us !!! I still cannot imagime and believe :-))) of course they had changed us judges and judging plan in Amsterdam so I had Paco & Synek same time in the rings ... but we were luckly, Ed was there and took great care of showing Paco and getting best from him :-) 
And in Lublin Magda did great job for showing all our labradors entered that day & Salsa ... Szura was shown perfectly by Monika :-) and Piotr, Julka, Ewa & Daria helped also in every way :-)

  • 16.12 Amsterdam Winner show judger Mr.C.De Giuliani (labs) & Mr.A.Zeppi (goldens)
    Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold aka Paco : 1st in champion class, Best Dog, 2xCAC, CACIB, BOB - Amsterdam Winner title and short listed in main ring to last 6 (from 18)
    Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold aka Synek : 1st in junior class, CAJC, Best Junior, Amsterdam Junior Winner, BEST DOG, 2 x CAC, BOS - Amsterdam Winner and short listed in main ring for juniors to last 6 (from 60-70)
    My First Love of Labgold aka Charlize : 2nd excellent in champion class - decided to leave her party dress at home

AW_PacoPaco 4,5 years

AW_Paco1Ed & Paco 4.5 years

AW_SynekSynek in age 16 months

  • 16.12 IDS Lublin judges : Mrs.M.Shibolet (labs) & Mrs.Y.Jaussi (goldens)
    Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold aka Enzo : 1st in champion class, Best Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!
    Glen Keith of Labgold aka Baster (ow.J.Grela) : 1st in open class, CAC, resCACIB
    Maybe Forever Canto de Amor aka Salsa : 1st in champion class, CAC
    Queen of Legends of Sunshines Valley aka Szura : 1st in intermediate class, CAC
    Lovely Madi of Labgold aka Madi : 3rd excellent in intermediate class
    Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold aka Kimmi : 3rd excellent in open class
Salsa_LublinSalsa in age 5 years

Holland Cup 2018

     Lovely time in Amsterdam with Kamila & Ewa :-) and on our first show where I entered only Synek we had quite fun with a lot of success ...

  • 14.12 Holland Cup judge Mr.S.Frisk (SE)
    Mr Synek aka Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold : 1st in intermediate class, BEST Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOB & short listed in main ring to last 6 (from 18)



HOT NEWS !!!! 
Labrador retriever
  • BEN KENOBI da Real Corte
  • My Brave Hunter of Labgold
  • Secret Way To My Heart of Labgold
  • Secret Heart Stealler of Labgold
  • Rain Forest Ingver

  • Dolbia WHY NOT
  • HINT OF MAGIC Molto Bene
  • My First Love of Labgold
  • Taylor Made da Real Corte
  • Lily Of The Valley of Labgold
  • Lovely Madi of Labgold
  • Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold
Golden retriever
  • GERALT z Zagłebia
  • Altindan XYLOMANCER
  • Cheek to Cheek Glenfarclas
  • KEEP COOL z Doliny Czapelki
  • Lord Nico of Sunshine's Valley
  • Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold

  • Maybe Forever Canto Da Amor
  • Queen of Legends of Sunshine's Valley
  • Cheek To Cheek Octavia