Radom 2019 - last CAC to be champion

    During my free weekend Agnieszka took synek for show in Poland. Well ... number of entries was very poor but with this we cannot do anything, smaller number than we have in classes in UK or so ...Anyhow Synek did great and we are proud of him :-)

  • 25.09 Radom judge : Mrs.M.Seidel
    Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold aka Mr.Synek : 1st in open class, CAC, Best Dog, BOB & BOG-3 !!! = new champion of Poland.

3 x Estonia

     WOW !!! What a weekend & what an amazing results we had there !!! Our first trip with Synek & Kimmy that direction and just again wow ...
And cherry on the cake was time which we spent with Kristina, her family and lovely puppies bred by them by our Synek & Eva :-)

  • 16.08 20-th Estonian golden retriever club judge : Mr.H.Fryckstrand
    Prince Charming Qdore of Labgold aka Mr.Synek : 1st in open class, Best DOG, SERT = Estonian Champion, BOS !!!
  • 16.08. Specialty Show for Labrador Retriever judge : Mrs.L.Vuorinen
    Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold aka Kimmi champion class 1st, BB3, SERT = Champion of Estonia
  • 17.08 CACIB-1 judges : Mrs.C.Delmar (goldens) & Mr.H.Fryckstrand (labs)
    Mr.Synek : 1st in open class, Best Dog, CACIB, BOB ... BOG-1 & BIS-3 !!!
    Kimmi : 2nd in champion class, BB2, resCACIB !!!
  • 18.08 CACIB 2 judges : Mr.H.Klemann (goldens) & Mr.J.H. de Mello (labs)
    Mr.Synek : 1st in open class, Best Dog, CACIB, BOB ... BOG-2 !!!
    Kimmi : 2nd in champion class

United Retriever Club UK 2019

     Our "Big-Small" boy in age 2 years and 3 weeks, as a youngest one had to be shown in UK in open class (class for champions) & he did it, he managed there and I can see that he is ready to compite with big boys :-)))

  • URC judges: Mrs.M.Loverock (dogs ) & Mrs.A.Richardson (bitches)
    Mr. Synek : 2nd in open class (champion class / 12 entries)
    Bree : Res in Minior Puppy
   ... Another stunning boy who I have often admired. Delighted to have the opportunity to go over him and he really is as good as he looks. His relationship with his owner is so clear to see and he shows his socksoff all the times. He was just pipped on maturity in this class but time is on his side and i don't doubt this boy will gain his crown. Such a gentle head with super expression, with a little hint of naughtiness in his eye, excellent neck, and front and rear angulation, level topline, good depth of chest, short coupled and with correctly set on tail. He moves with style and precision, covering the ground well with an excellent stride, a real showman. ...
52Mr.Synek in age 2 years
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